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USCIS CIVIL SURGEON services offered in Lanham, MD

In order to perform medical physical examinations of foreign nationals in the United States who wish to apply for adjustment of status to permanent residence (Green Card), or who are required to have a medical examination by the USCIS, a physician must be accredited by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Within the United States, civil surgeons conduct medical examinations while panel physicians conduct examinations outside.

The entire client's family receives services from our civil surgeon and other professionals at our office to ensure an excellent and seamless immigration and naturalization medical procedure. We help with proper USCIS form completion, medical disability waivers, immediate medical assessment and care, travel clinic services, and more, in addition to comprehensive civil surgeon examinations and immunizations. Our aim is to make sure that all immigration-related forms are accurately filled out, submitted on time, and in accordance with USCIS Rules and Regulations. We also want to make sure that all examinations are thorough and complete so that forms can be processed by USCIS Officers and approved for a Green Card or naturalization.

Full medical exams also include any necessary immunizations, blood work, and x-ray services as well as specialist referrals if and as needed. Any foreign individual intending to apply for permanent residence status (a "green card") must undergo a medical examination from a civil surgeon designated by the USCIS. An immigrant must demonstrate that they are healthy, free of communicable diseases, and immunized against diseases that can be prevented through immunization. All of our procedures ensure that  communicable diseases that have  public health implications are compliant with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) rules and regulations.

Foreign nationals applying for green cards must have a USCIS civil surgeon complete Form I-693 and verify that they are up to date on their immunizations, do not have any communicable diseases, or other conditions that could be harmful to the community. The foreign national may request for a waiver if they do have a communicable disease or are unable to get immunized. Such waivers are approved at our office in the proper circumstances.

A USCIS civil surgeon must attest to these facts by filling out Form I-693 and giving a sealed copy of the form to the foreign national to be submitted with the application for permanent residence in order for the foreign national to prove that they do have a communicable disease and that their vaccinations are up to date. We always provide copies of the papers in that sealed envelope to applicants for their use and information. It is crucial that the civil surgeon correctly and completely fill out the I-693 and sign it.