Dr Hassan is very good!
PIOCIS T. | Dec 17, 2023

I had a detailed physical examination and the Doctor followed up with more examination. It was excellent and looking forward to my next visit. You guys keep up the good work.
JULIUS F. | Dec 13, 2023

extremely nice small practice where you can get personalized care. the doctor and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable at their craft. you can always get an appointment no matter the time of month to see the doctor.
LAMONT C. | Dec 11, 2023

Great w work from all the staff at Dr Hassan’s office especially Michelle and all the other ladies that work in there and Dr son does great work all the time and he really treats me well and I love going to his office
SCOTT L. | Nov 30, 2023

Listens to you .Cares about your health and well being
JOYCE C. | Nov 21, 2023

Thank you Dr. Hassan and Michelle for always making my visit a pleasant experience.
ESTELLA F. | Nov 17, 2023

KOJO O. | Nov 08, 2023

Got me in quickly for an appointment. The day of the appointment I was able to get in and out quickly. And he was able to help with the medical issue I was having at the time.
Jennifer H. | Oct 23, 2023

Dr Hassan is amazing and his office staff is THE BEST!
JEFFREY P. | Oct 20, 2023

I had no waiting time. The staffs were very helpful and answered every question I had
EMMACULATE T. | Oct 16, 2023

Great experience and very knowledgeable Dr.
KELLY B. | Oct 03, 2023

Quick service
MMAH C. | Sep 21, 2023

Very good
WILFRED G. | Sep 20, 2023

BLESSING A. | Sep 11, 2023

Very nice service
OLATUNDE O. | Sep 07, 2023

everything is great they are professionals
ARUNA S. | Sep 03, 2023

He is a very knowledgeable doctor also he is listening to his patient and explaining everything about you in details
SELEN I. | Sep 01, 2023

It was wonderful
FELIX K. | Aug 23, 2023

Long time patient. Nothing but the best care and services.
EARL B. | Aug 11, 2023

Amazing doctor and caring receptionist
HARAHN C. | Aug 06, 2023

Always asking questions and shows concern about my health,and staff is great
CRAIG L. | Aug 05, 2023

The lady who does my blood test was pacient and carefully dealing with the patients, she does good job
SERIGNE MAME M. | Aug 01, 2023

I was so relax and felt a sense of confidence,
JULIUS F. | Jul 31, 2023

I like good service customers care hospital I appreciate thanks all service
FEDLU A. | Jul 31, 2023

I’ve been going to Dr. Hassan for 17 years now. He’s one of those doctors who truly cares and listens to his patients. He’ll never rush you during an appointment. He’s great and I’d recommend him to anyone.
BOBBIE J. | Jul 29, 2023

My experience continues to be 5 and above STARS…
MARY G. | Jul 28, 2023

Very professionsl service….
NOREEN T. | Jul 27, 2023

Very kind people, and excellent attention.
CRISTIAN C. | Jul 21, 2023

They are the best as always! Thank you Dr. Hassan and your team.
AHMED K. | Jul 14, 2023

Always a pleasue
VICTORIA B. | Jul 11, 2023

The doctor thoroughly explained my test results, offered suggestions and asked me if I had any health concerns.
ISHAAM A. | Jul 09, 2023

I am a bit skeptical with Artificial Intelligence (AU). But being monitored by AI and Doctor Hassan being able to view it immediately and not a month or two later has an advantage. This includes: blood sugar, blood pressure and pulse rate.
DIANNE C. | Jul 07, 2023

Caring and very helpful. Dr. Hassan always shows concern and gives appropriate advices with regards to my wellbeing.
MOHAMED F. | Jul 02, 2023

Good atmosphere, doctor lisen and asking for concerns
LUZ C. | Jun 29, 2023

Prompt response to your questions and excellent advice from the doctor. Never let you down.
OLUSEGUN A. | Jun 28, 2023

Was good
EMELINDA S. | Jun 24, 2023

I went in as a walk in and had a great experience. Dr Hassan was very engaging and patient. Highly recommended!
KELLY T. | Jun 21, 2023

Is good attention and de best attention. I’m satisfied Thank you very much.
YOLANDA H. | Jun 17, 2023

I find that the receptionist and medical assistant, for Dr Hassan, is very knowledgeable, attentive, her professional courtesy is remarkable.
CALVIN K. | Jun 15, 2023

Fast clean and professional
XAVIER C. | Jun 12, 2023

Best doctor
ALUSINE S. | Jun 05, 2023

Experience dr
ALUSINE S. | Jun 05, 2023

I always received great medical attention and great customer service Dr Hassan is a very caring Doctor
SIMON B. | Jun 01, 2023

Dr Hassan is a very good doctor and he explains precisely to you about your condition.l have 13 yrs experience with him.
AMADU J. | May 28, 2023

Efficient and Pleasant
CALVIN C. | May 25, 2023

Good Doctor, cares about your health
KARL S. | May 22, 2023

I was really made to feel comfortable about providing blood work and test results.
KEVIN C. | May 03, 2023

Smooth streamlined
LINDA S. | May 02, 2023

Very good attention. With the patient
MARIA M. | Apr 19, 2023

PETERLY R. | Apr 10, 2023

GREAT Service, and Concern
CALVIN C. | Apr 08, 2023

It was great
MOHAMMAD B. | Apr 06, 2023

I was promptly attended to, with all questions answered to my satisfaction.
MOHAMED F. | Apr 05, 2023

Nice and cool Dr just have to wear face mask
COLLINS T. | Apr 05, 2023

Thank you
LYDIA T. | Apr 04, 2023

My visit went very well. The staff shows courtesy and Dr. Hassan was gentle and addressed very well my concerns, as I have known him over the years.
ALI D. | Apr 01, 2023

Good with Dr Sherif Hassan
PETER A. | Mar 27, 2023

CHRISTINE A. | Mar 19, 2023

Excellent service by staff and doctor Hassan. My time is valued and my issues understood and addressed.
BANEL B. | Mar 18, 2023

HARAHN C. | Mar 15, 2023

RENE A. | Mar 13, 2023

Dr. Hassan has been my physician for several years now. He is very caring and gets you in and out of the office quickly. I highly recommend him if you’re in the area and looking for a new doctor.
BARBARA S. | Mar 07, 2023

Very good
NORMAN J. | Mar 06, 2023

Great office practice and customer service.
JONATHAN J. | Feb 08, 2023

Exelente servicio
BRAYAN Y. | Feb 03, 2023

Very professional and caring. Frequently invite questions about patient’s concerns.
JOSHUA T. | Feb 02, 2023

It was goo
GEORGE JR M. | Feb 01, 2023

JARMILA M. | Jan 31, 2023

Time efficient Courteous
UMAR M. | Jan 31, 2023

I’m a Long time patient and all ways had professional service and care.
EARL B. | Jan 23, 2023

Dr. Hassan is always polite, direct, professional and caring in regards to making sure you take care of your overall health. He has earned my absolute trust over the years.
LYNITA B. | Jan 22, 2023

You are Great
FANTA K. | Jan 20, 2023

Great experience
IBRAHIM E. | Jan 17, 2023

KEVIN Q. | Jan 17, 2023

Very beautiful
WILFRED G. | Jan 14, 2023

Pleasant and capable staff! First time at this practice and I’m pleased with the service I received.
KELLY W. | Jan 11, 2023

Came in for some arm pain and He took care of me.
ANTHONY L. | Jan 10, 2023

It was a wonderful experience. Thank you
LYDIA T. | Jan 09, 2023

Responsible for taking care of all patients
MARCO C. | Jan 04, 2023

I was able to speak with the doctor with no delay. He was very attentive.Great experience!!!!
ANGELA A. | Dec 22, 2022

Always great and friendly
RICKY L. | Dec 14, 2022

Very good
JENEBA Y. | Dec 13, 2022

Out standing
SEKOU S. | Dec 10, 2022

Very good
NORMAN J. | Dec 08, 2022

Listen and explain the plan of care
CAROLINE B. | Dec 06, 2022

Are good peoples. Is good Dr. good person . Pregunta si todo esta bien , si tenemos alguna pregunta, y con mucha amabilidad y respeto . Gracias .
YOLANDA H. | Dec 05, 2022

ISHAAM A. | Dec 03, 2022

HELEN K. | Dec 02, 2022

Great all around Doctor very knowledgeable and courteous stays on top of situation etc Medications appointments I would recommend him to anyone in need of a very good doctor
CLINTON W. | Nov 20, 2022

My exam and my appointment went very smoothly. No, waiting time and very good experience.
MARY G. | Nov 14, 2022

MAMADY K. | Nov 08, 2022

Dr. Hassan was very attentive to my care. He took his time to make sure l had my medical questions and concerns addressed.
TASHANIA B. | Nov 08, 2022

My first time at this place. I got some medication so let’s see if it works.
ANTHONY L. | Nov 04, 2022

Always providing outstanding services .
MOHAMED F. | Nov 03, 2022

Concerned about Patients well Being,
CALVIN C. | Oct 20, 2022

Everything was good
CONSTANCE G. | Oct 20, 2022

I was satisfied, thank you
LYDIA T. | Oct 17, 2022

Very good service
PASCUAL A. | Oct 16, 2022

The staff at Urgent Care are always pleasant and my time spent with Dr Hassan adequate.
DIANNE C. | Oct 14, 2022

Good customer service
ELSIE N. | Oct 11, 2022

It was good.
WALTER F. | Oct 07, 2022

BLESSING A. | Oct 06, 2022

My visit was very helpful and pleasant.
MELISSA S. | Oct 05, 2022

Norman J. | Sep 23, 2022

Good doctor,nice and professional staff,clean environment,Impressive
Fatima L. | Sep 09, 2022

Friendly staff and very caring and knowledgeable physician.
Ali D. | Sep 02, 2022

Great service and they were very prompt
CHAU N. | Sep 02, 2022

Oscar A. | Aug 16, 2022

Excellent service, very professional.
Elaine J. | Jul 29, 2022

Dr. Hassan is an experienced medical practitioner.
George B. | Jul 27, 2022

Very professional and friendly service. Great experience
Nicole H. | Jul 24, 2022

Dr Hassan was very compassion as usual and understood everything he told me.
Wilfred G. | Jul 22, 2022

From start to finish very smooth
Linda S. | Jul 21, 2022

Excellent Dr. Staff is wonderful Thank you for staying open during the pandemic. Dr Hassan is very knowledgeable. Next, appointments. At the most 10 min approximately
Deborah N. | Jul 16, 2022

They treat us well and attend ok to customers Their staff are so respectful to customers and well managers in talking
Adebimpe I. | Jul 14, 2022

Very well
HAWA S. | Jul 06, 2022

The nurse that took my blood is a great ,helpful,friendly, respectful and a good nurse representing the business very well
AMOS A. | Jul 01, 2022

They’re so caring and professional
Calorine B. | Jun 27, 2022