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Test Performed

At Maryland Urgent Care & Primary Care we provide a full range of clinical laboratory tests for our patients. We process Blood, Urine and other Clinical samples for tests required for the diagnosis, treatment and follow up of many illness and diseases. This includes testing for:

Metabolic Disorders Metabolic disorders such as Diabetes Thyroid Disorders Thyroid disorders (Hypothyroidism)
Goiter Goiter Adrenal Disorders Adrenal Gland Disorders
Pancreatic Disorders Pancreatic Gland Disorders Parathyroid Diseases Parathyroid Diseases
Pituitary Disorders Pituitary Gland Disorders Hormonal Disorders Hormonal Disorders such as those involving hormonal levels of Thyroid
Calcium Deficiencies Calcium Deficiencies Cortical Imbalances Cortical Imbalances
Electrolyte Imbalances Electrolyte Imbalances including: checking levels of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Kidney Tests Kidney Function Tests for checking Blood urea, creatinine, urine sodium and creatinine Levels>
Liver Function Test Liver function tests to diagnose viral hepatitis, other forms of liver enzyme abnormalities and liver function tests. Hormonal Study Hormonal studies for FSH, LH, Etradiol, progesterone, Prolactin and DHEA in case of any abnormality we can refer the patient to an infertility specialist.
Blood Disorders Blood Tests for disorders such as Hemophilia, Deep Venous Thrombosis, Bleeding and Coagulation disorders, Leukemia, and different types of Anemia Gastrointestinal Blood Test Gastrointestinal Blood tests for Hormonal essays pancreatic enzymes. blood tests for Helico bacter Pylori (H. Pylori) and stool tests for occult blood Ova cysts and parasites.
Muscular Disorders Muscular disorders and Diagnosis of Myositis and Muscular diseases. Rheumatologic Testing Rheumatologic: for diagnosis of Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Scleroderma, and Gout.
STD Testing Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HPV and Herpes. Pap Smears We also perform Pap smears.
EKGs EKG Stress EKGs Stress EKG
Holter Monitoring Holter Monitoring Pulmonary Tests Pulmonary Function Tests
Nerve Conduction Study Nerve Conduction Studies Echocardiography Echocardiography
Sleep Studies Sleep Study
At Maryland Urgent Care & Primary Care, we are able and equipped to administer different types on Medical Tests including: EKG's, Stress Test with EKG's, Holter Monitoring, Pulmonary Function Tests, Nerve Conduction Studies, Echocardiography's, Sleep Studies as well as the other medical tests listed above. We administer Blood Test and Urinalysis Test for INS / USCIS Physicals as well as for other types of physicals.

"Maryland Urgent Care & Primary Care is a full service Urgent Care Medical Clinic and Medical Testing Facility offering Immediate Medical Treatment and Primary Care Services to residents located in Maryland and Washington DC. Our Service Area includes: Prince George's (PG) County, Maryland, Washington DC, Bowie, Capitol Heights, Cheverly, Clinton, College Park, Columbia, Greenbelt, Hyattsville, Lanham, Largo, Laurel, New Carrollton, Riverdale, Silver Spring and Baltimore, MD."


What our Client's say:

I have been a regular patient at this office for four years now

The office hours are great although not open on weekends. I could get seen at a short notice usually same day. The Staff are very Professional and Helpful. I like the top notch Technology that is used at this office.

The Doctor has great bedside Manners and he takes time to answer my questions

I have recommended this office to my Family and Friends and several of them utilize their services. H. Haines, Greenbelt, MD

I went to this clinic as a walk in for chest pain. I got seen in 15 minutes. The doctor was thorough enough. I had an EKG done which showed some changes. Dr. Sherif Hassan called a collegue of his and had me referred for urgent tests . I had my tests at the heart Doctor the following day.

It turns out that I was walking around witth blocked heart arteries. Four days after I was seen at Maryland Urgent Care I had two stents placed to open up my arteries. I feel great now. I decided to make this clinic my regular doctors office and I do recommend it to everyone. D. Tyler College Park, MD